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There are four cycling trails in the Park.

Trail no 1
Fairy Trail (Vilinska staza): Grdanjci – Medven Draga
Time 1a 3 - 5.30 h, 1b 3.30 - 6 h
Length 1a 43 km, 1b 54 km

staza br 1

Trail no 2
Staza Slapova: Medven Draga – Grdanjci
Time 3 - 5.15 h
Length 37.3 km

staza br 2

Trail no 3
Staza šišmiša: Samobor – Samobor
Time 3a 4 - 6 h, 3b 4.30 - 7 h
Length 3a 54 km, 3b 65.5 km

staza br 3

Trail no 4
Staza Svete Gere: Ozalj – Sošice
Time 4 - 8 h
Length 59 km

staza br 4


To enjoy your rides to the utmost, we give you some pieces of advice:
⟩ Choose the trail that suits your physical abilities. Check your bicycles, especially tires, brakes and gears.
⟩ If your bicycle is not in order, DO NOT ride it. Repair it or have it repaired.
⟩ Check the weather forecast before you set off to nature.
⟩ Wear helmets, and if possible gloves and goggles.
⟩ Be noticeable. Do not wear loud color clothes or reflective bands. Use bells and lights.
⟩ Take enough liquid (preferably still water) and some food (energy bars)
⟩ Just in case, take some tools (key no. 10 and 15, imbus 4 and 5, small screwdriver), spare tire, tire repair kit and pump.
⟩ Take some spare clothes to change in case of rain or because of sweating.
⟩ Take spare and waterproof clothes.
⟩ Take camera to keep memories on spectacular landscape, plants, animals and mushrooms.
⟩ Obey traffic rules and signs. Stick to your side of path (right) and clearly show others what you are up to do (especially when you turn to the left)
⟩ Stick to roads and marked cycling trails. Some parts of trails are very steep and demanding and use them only if you are completely confidant in your riding knowledge and bicycles.Slow down on intersections and curves. Some parts of trails demand caution (possible gullies, blind curves, etc.)
⟩ There are many endangered and protected animals, plants and mushrooms, so don't touch or distract them.
⟩ Do not leave garbage after yourselves; take it with you.
Do not rush! Enjoy!